texas latino conservatives

two day campaign boot camp

for candidates and staff


The LeadershipLATINO Program

From the beginning of its history, the fabric of Texas is woven with the contributions of Latinos.

Our program engages, educates and motivates those Latino leaders eager for more in-depth participation in Texas politics.

As a participant in our LeadershipLATINO Class, the participant will:

  • Meet and converse with men and women who have demonstrated conservative, principled leadership qualities and have proven their concern for their communities.
  • Dedicate themselves to a coordinated plan for personal development, a better knowledge of the political processes in Texas and a search for opportunities to contribute their time and talents.
  • Join in open lines of communication between participants, establish dialogue with politically like-minded community leaders, and recruit Latino conservatives for the next generation of political activists.

Our mission is to develop a state-wide resource of talented, highly motivated conservative leaders, ready to serve the great state of Texas in all areas of politics ranging from grassroots activists, to campaign staff members, to future elected officials.

Leadership Latino TLC Elect

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